‘1883’ Trailer: Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw, And Faith Hill Star In ‘Yellowstone’ Spin-Off Series On Paramount+

Paramount+ is giving us a look into the history of the Dutton family in an official trailer for their new upcoming series, “1883“. The show, which debuts on the Paramount Network as well as Paramount+ on December 19, will serve as a prequel story to the network’s hit series, Yellowstone. Paramount is also set to air a new episode of Yellowstone before 1883 makes its premiere.

Created by Taylor Sheridan, who also served as a co-creator for Yellowstone1883 will give viewers the bloody backstory of how the Dutton family ended up owning their expansive Montana ranch. Audiences will watch the family as they head to the wild west traveling across the Great Plains searching to start anew and stake claim to yet uncharted lands. The series promises to give viewers a look at what it was like for a down on their luck, poverty-stricken family to make the enormously risky move to big sky country.

The series will star Academy Award nominee Sam Elliott (The RanchA Star is Born), married country music stars and actors, Tim McGraw (The Blind Side) and Faith Hill (The Stepford Wives), Billy Bob Thornton (Goliath), Isabel May (Alexa & Katie), and Lamonica Garrett (Designated Survivor).

Check out the full trailer below to get an idea of what you can expect from the action-packed origin story of Montana’s favorite ranchers.

The new trailer shows us shootouts and action-packed wagon chases as the family makes their way across the country to better things while text flashed on the screen saying, “the road west was paved with blood.” McGraw’s character takes center stage as a man prepared to do anything to get his family across the dangerous territory that threatens not only violence from fellow travelers, but also Native Americans. In the trailer, a voice-over from McGraw says that he and his family will “keep headin’ north until I find country that’s worth the journey.” He also says that out of everything, he “believes” most in his wife, son, and daughter, presumably a remark made about the family’s strength during the cross-country journey. Viewers also see a rough and tough Elliott as he looks to be taking on an authoritarian role as a possible leader of the country crossing caravan.

The glimpse we get is one filled with war, chaos, bloodshed, and determination as the story of the headstrong Dutton family sets a course for a new land full of promise. “1883” lands on the Paramount Network and Paramount+ on December 19.