‘Back to the Outback’ Trailer: Australian Animals Plot A Hilarious Escape From The Park In Netflix’s Animated Movie

If you find yourself rooting for the underdogs, know that sometimes things aren’t as always as they seem, and love cute and cuddly animated animals, have we got the trailer for you! Netflix announced today that it has a new animated film coming out in December called “Back to the Outback“.

The film will center around the Australian Wildlife Park, home to a cute, cuddly koala known as Pretty Boy who is adored world wide (and even in space!) for his big eyes, fluffy fur, and cuddly ways. The park is also home to the outback’s “most dangerous animals,” including crocodiles, snakes, spiders, scorpions, and more.

Check out the trailer below:

The action picks up when the animals decide they are going to make a break for it and go Back to the Outback (get it?) where they believe they will find a true home. On the night of their breakout, Pretty Boy is a real Unkind Boy to the rag-tag group of runaways and tells them that they’ll never make it because they’re “a bunch of creepy animals.” The group kidnaps the rude koala and drags him along on their journey.

As the misunderstood group of zoo animals travels through the outback, they meet all sorts of new and “dangerous” creatures that pull together to keep their hunters at bay. Through their adventures, it looks like the once underdog group will form strong bonds and heartfelt connections as they come to the realization that what’s on the inside is all that matters — even though the “creepy animals” are super cute as well.

The vocal lineup for this tear-jerking animated story is loaded with talent. It features comedian Tim MinchinEric Bana (Hulk 2013), Guy Pearce (Momento), Miranda Tapsell (Top End Wedding), Angus Imrie, musician Keith UrbanAislinn Derbez, and Jacki Weaver (Silver Linings Playbook) and is under the direction of Harry Cripps and Clare Knight.

Get ready to have your heart absolutely melted by slithering snakes and huggable koalas alike when “Back to the Outback” arrives on Netflix on December 10.