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“Hit-Monkey” Trailer: Marvel’s Unlikely Assassin Series Comes To Hulu

Imagine a world where an American assassin’s ghost teaches a Japanese snow monkey how to execute revenge kills in Tokyo’s murky underworld. The monkey’s only code? He only kills killers’. Yep, that’s “Hit-Monkey”. An upcoming adult animated television series developed for Hulu, the streaming service. “Hit-Monkey” is based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, and is one of two Marvel animated comedy series in production.

On February 11, 2019, it was announced that four Marvel series were in production for Hulu; Marvel’s Tigra & Dazzler , Marvel’s Hit-Monkey, Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K., and Marvel’s Howard the Duck, and would tie into a crossover series, Marvel’s The Offenders. On January 24, 2020, it was announced that three of the Marvel Studios projects were canceled except for “Hit-Monkey” and “M.O.D.O.K.”

Check out the trailer.

The trailer shows the origins of the connection between Bryce (Jason Sudeikis) and the Japanese snow macaque (Fred Tatasciore) While attempting to run away from shadowy figures, Bryce is shot to death somewhere in the snowy Alps. As his blood flows, his spirit gets entangled with a white monkey. Weird right? Sudeikis’s character thinks so too? The trailer also emphasized or Bryce’s comic relief through humorous commentary and witty interactions with his monkey pal.

There is also explosive action and gory katana fights and a monkey that wreaks havoc with double machine guns and a suit with no arms, probably shredded from all the explosions. “Hit-Monkey” also includes a voice cast that features George Takei as “Shinji Yokohama”, a lifelong public servant that tries to set things right after Bryce’s death, and Olivia Munn as Akiko, Shinji’s smart, powerful, and ambitious niece.

“Hit-Monkey” was developed by Will Speck and Josh Gordon, who have directed comedies such as “Office Christmas Party” and “Blaze of Glory”. They have adapted the story from a 2010 Marvel one-shot that featured the title character. “Hit-Monkey” featured Marvel icons such as “Deadpool” and “Spider-Man” in its stories.

The series will be released on Hulu on November 17, 2021.